Tuesday, May 24, 2016



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AHFC Cy-Fair Fall 2016 Competitive Soccer Tryouts & Evaluation - Tuesday, May 3, 2016

AHFC Cy-Fair Fall 2016 Competitive Soccer Tryouts & Evaluation Flyer:  Click on the link for competitive tryout details: 




Open Sports Registrations & Upcoming Registration Dates - Saturday, April 16, 2016

From the VP of Registration

Greeting CFSA Families!

                As we close out April and slowly move into the summer months, I wanted to take the time and highlight current registration opportunities. I know there has been lots of discussion and questions around when Fall Football will open to include the Summer Volleyball program and lastly the bringing back of time stamps in Cheerleading. Below are the current registration opportunities for summer and fall, and I hope that this will clear some of those questions up. Like always please consult the following sports pages for additional dates and details surrounding these and other registration opportunities.

*Summer Volleyball – Opens April 15th at Midnight Regular Registration

*Summer Baseball – Opens April 18th at Midnight Regular Registration

*Summer Basketball – Opens April 22nd at Midnight Regular Registration

*Fall Football – Opens April 30th at Midnight Regular Registration

*Fall Cheerleading – Opens May 7th at 9AM Regular Registration

*Fall Soccer – Opens May 15th at Midnight Regular Registration

In closing, I look forward to another action packed summer and fall season and hope to see everyone out on the courts or the fields. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the individual Sports Commissioners or myself directly.

Kind Regards,

Will Morse | VP of Registration E: registration@cy-fairsports.org


CFSA Volunteer


Volunteers are the DRIVING FORCE of CFSA!

We're just like you. We're teachers, business executives, parents, retirees, students...you name it. But the one thing we all have in common is our dedication to change. And the more volunteers we have, the bigger impact we can all make. Together! 

Earlier this year a proposal by the former Executive Board was submitted to the General Membership for approval.  The proposal was a plan that would position CFSA to continue to grow and provide additional support within our own organization for our customers, children, facilities, and our community.  Over a two month period, the proposal was voted on and approved unanimously.  The former Executive Board has been restructured and is now known as The Operations Committee; the Ops Committee will oversee the day-to-day operations of CFSA.  In addition, a Board of Directors was created and will have one representative from each sport on the board that is not that sports respective sports commissioner.  The General Membership was eliminated and voting rights will now be obtained by attendance at each sports monthly committee meeting.


With the continued development of our Schiel Road Sports Complex, the addition of a soccer program, the growth of our lacrosse program, along with coaches clinics and certification programs for our coaches; CFSA is positioned to continue as one of the premier youth sporting organizations in the State of Texas.  Come learn how you can be part of the organization and continue the legacy of Cy-Fair Sports Association.


As CFSA works to expand our presence within our community, the need for additional volunteers is even greater. In addition to coaching there are other opportunities where you can help define CFSA's presence moving forward.

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